5 Ways to Become a Better Writer


A lot of us hold writing as our passion. However, writing is not as easy as we think. A lot of factors, apart from good fluency in the language, are important to be a readable writer. Not all of us are born writers, but by practice, all of us can become better writers over a period. So here are some of the tips that you will have to keep in mind if you are aspiring to become a better writer.

Read a lot:

A writer is expected to do a lot of reading. A minimum of three hours of reading every day will make him a better writer as well. Writing is all about grammar and the flawless language fluency. You will be able to get this only by reading a lot of books. Reading will also give you an opportunity to understand the audience and will inspire the person to write better.

Never hesitate to edit:

Keep editing your book until you are convinced. Read your copy again and again, and with every read, the plot and the language will get better. Editing is not a simple task if you ask me. That is why we have a separate person called the editor who is expected to take care of all these things. Editing is, of course, a bit boring to do. But, the more you do it, the better book turns out to be.


Make it look good:

The appearance of whatever you write is quite significant. This might seem a bit childish but the fact that people are still judging a book by its cover, it has become mandatory to convince people by the appearance of the book as well. So make it look good in terms of appearance. This way you are attracting more readers.

Perfect it later:

Whenever you write, make sure to spill out all that you know first. Pour out all the points and unveil the plot first. Link all the characters and untie the storyline. This way you are completing the story first. The perfecting part can always be done later. Once you have written down all that you want to include as a part of your writing, now you can sit and perfect the writing, and you can edit it as you please. You will not miss out points if you do it this way.

Stay connected with your work:

Stay connected with your work. Some writers jot down content in the middle of the night. This can happen only when you are completely into the work that you are doing. Staying connected with your work will also help you to stay connected with your audience. The more you think like them the chances are more that they like your work. So always try to find a point that connects your work with the readers.