Improve Your Writing With These Top Grammar Apps

Writing can be a challenge. There are many different styles and levels that you need to adjust with. For instance, if you’re writing for university then you’ll need to establish an academic tone on your piece while making sure that the arguments flow smoothly with each other. The grammar and spelling must also be perfect!

Nowadays, what used to be a shot-in-the-dark and tiresome process is made easier by apps that help correct grammar and language. But which of them is best to use for your kind and style of writing? We can’t give you a definitive answer to that because what works for one person may not work for the other.

But to help you narrow down your options, we’ve prepared a list of five of the best and the most popular grammar applications that are out on the market right now. We don’t have any commercial relationship with the below-listed apps and services. We just find them good and worth talking about!


Being the most well-known grammar app out there, Grammarly earns the top spot in most comparison and with good reason. It possesses a desktop-integrated and as well as an online app option giving you the freedom to use it in the best way that suits you.

Grammarly allows you to choose specific errors that you want to correct so whether it’s spelling, redundancy, use of tense, or whatever kind of error that you want to catch, this app has you covered. It comes with a handy checker that looks into the style of writing while matching it with the tone that you want to implement on your piece.

This means that you can set it to check for business memos, blog posts, or even those academic reports that you work on. Grammarly also suggests the sections in your piece where you can make corrections so that your article reads better in the selected tone. Aside from telling you where the error is and giving you alternatives on how to correct them, Grammarly also gives you an explanation of why it is wrong. This gives you a way to learn from your mistakes. And with its built-in plagiarism-checker, you will be able to ensure originality on your piece too!

If you choose the Microsoft Word-integrated version of Grammarly then you’ll enjoy a feature that works just like MS Word’s spell check. Just enable the app in the menu and it will display the errors that it detects in a bar located down the right side of the screen. The web-based version works like Google Docs. You just need to create a document, write and on the left side, you will have access to a toolbar which provides the writing and grammar settings that you might need.

Grammarly works with both Apple and Windows operating systems but it comes with a cost of course. It’s one of the more expensive grammar checking apps out there and prices starts at $29.95 per month or $139.95 for a year’s subscription.

Pros: Grammarly can be use across different platforms and it’s possible to set a specific writing style in the app. It also provides a great detail an analysis of your grammatical errors and spelling.

Cons: It’s not 100% accurate. it also analyzes in different English versions at times and is a bit slow. It’s also not the cheapest at $29.95 per month for premium access and use.


Ginger is one of the most comprehensive checker for language and grammar. It was developed by Ginger Software and is available or online, app-based and desktop use. And it does not only check your spelling and grammar, but it also provides correction based on contextual spelling and phonetic mistakes. The app helps make your writing sound more natural. English practice courses are also available and it bases everything from your mistakes. Adding to its premium features is the ability to translate to over 40 available languages.

To use this app, you just need to start typing and any suggestion to correct mistakes will appear on a pop-up window on top of your device screen.

Pricing starts at $29.96 for a month’s subscription and $89.88 for a year’s use. It’s somewhat leaning towards the pricier grammar apps out there.

Pros: Easy-to-use and it highlights grammatical errors in real-time.

Cons: Expensive for the features that it has. Spelling and grammar checking ability isn’t as efficient. There is no plagiarism checker and the pop-up that it shows can be a bit distracting and annoying.


If you want a grammar checker that is complete and easily integrates with Microsoft Word and as well as Microsoft Outlook then you’ll surely love Whitesmoke.

Just type directly into the text box then click on your preferred option found on the menu at the top and you’ll see how efficient this tool is in correcting mistakes. Writer is going to be the main tool while grammar checker is going to analyze your piece offering alternatives for punctuation or grammar errors you’ve committed. Whitesmoke also explains why you were wrong for your learning.

It also has a spell checker feature which is going to point out not only misspelled words but also those which you have used in the wrong context. It does so by providing suggestions in a column that is found at the side of the page so you can easily make changes.

Overall, Whitesmoke is a nifty app. It detects stylistic errors so that you can improve your usage of tenses and other grammatical rules. They also have a language database that is updated constantly so your writing goes with the trend. Its built-in plagiarism checker can translate to different languages (over 50 languages in all).

Whitesmoke is cheaper than the other grammar checker apps at $9.95/month for their web app while it’s sold at $14.95 for the premium software version.

Pros: Real-time grammar checking and readily highlights the errors so you can easily spot them. It has integration for Android Keyboard so errors can be avoided even when you’re typing from your phone. It’s the perfect, budget-friendly choice for students.

Cons: Misses some mistakes and is not 100% accurate.


A web-based writing assistant tool which was named after Ernest Hemingway, a writer who’s known for his clear and concise pieces.

And just like its inspiration, the Hemingway app helps in analyzing your craft to make it clearer and easier to understand. It also removes filler words for you. The app is capable of highlighting sentences that are hard to read and understand in yellow while sentences that are too long are highlighted in red. Passive voice can also be detected and it tells you where a different word can be used to make better impact.

To use the Hemingway app, all you need to do is input the text that you want to check into the text box of the web-based version or directly write into the desktop app version. Hemingway will then do the rest for you. The errors that it detects and as well as its suggestions are going to appear on the right side of the page/window. A readability score will also appear. The lower the score is, the easier it is to read your craft.

It’s that simple! Hemingway is available for both Windows and Apple. It’s web-based version is free while the desktop app costs $19.99 but unlike the other apps above, this is a one-time payment and not a monthly fee.

Pros: The web-based app is free to use. It’s also a user-friendly app both in Windows and Apple devices. It’s price is just right for students.

Cons: Lacks alternative suggestions for words that are incorrectly spelled so you will have to do this by yourself. The online (free) version does not save your work and it isn’t 100% accurate.


Developed by a US-based company which evaluates applications for US colleges and universities, CorrectEnglish makes sure that you’re on the right path in your writing.

This tool is one of those online-based apps which can be used for proofreading to spot any mistake in real-time. It is capable of showing where you can tighten your writing and as well as point out some mistakes that you might have committed while providing alternatives and corrections at the same time together with a very useful feedback to make your craft sound better.

A list of templates for some commonly-used documents is also available so you can get an idea on how to write your piece. One of the smart features that this app has is called ‘language feedback’. It functions by letting you write in English while providing feedback in different languages.

Guides for different writing styles can also be integrated with the app together with different research and language tools. A plagiarism checker also comes in handy to make sure that your craft is completely unique!

But all these features comes at a higher price tag. CorrectEnglish is available at $120 for the first year but all the subsequent year will cost only $20.

Pros: It’s intuitive and very easy-to-use.

Cons: Just like all the other grammar correction app in this list, CorrectEnglish isn’t 100% accurate and it’s not usable without a connection to the Internet. An undo button is not available so you need to manually correct mistakes. It’s also expensive for those students who are tight in terms of budget.