Is It Okay To Write For Free?

When you’re working as a full-time freelance writer, hearing the words “no pay” can easily turn you off and run the other direction. A full work day is consist of 8 hours and time is money as they say.

But did you know that writing for free can also be rewarding? It’s not the emotional type of reward. It’s about the good things that it can bring for your reputation as a freelancer. Below are five situations that should warrant you to write for free.

To Help Build-Up Your Portfolio

If you’re just starting out with this career, there’s only a single thing that will help you grow and that is “writing” itself. Be sure to write a lot every single day not just in your journal but in every opportunity for writing that would come presenting itself in front of you.

No matter what stage you are in now, you should remember to never stop with your craft and one way that you can improve with it is by reading the type of piece that you want to focus on. Whether it’s white papers, journalism, essays, or content, it’s important to get yourself exposed to similar work.

Initially in your writing career, you will need to keep writing on the style and field that you choose. This helps you get better with your craft and secure better pay with high-end clients. It also boosts confidence on your part!

Write For a Cause That You Believe In

There are non-profit organizations out there who don’t have the luxury of budget and there’s a big chance that one of them would capture your heart.

If that is the case then you can write some content for them free of charge to help leverage their cause and improve their visibility online. It’s always a good thing to help a charity or a cause that you’re passionate about and who knows, good karma will pour in after you do so.

Instead of donating money to the cause, you can donate content and write for their blog or website. This works good for both parties because on your side, it will actually build up your portfolio by adding your donated content in the volunteering section.

If It Presents a Chance of Working With A Good Editor

There are editors who would freely give their feedback and if your work is good enough, they would be willing to take the working relationship even further. Most of these editors are going to be hard on writers but they do so for the benefit of the writer.

You may receive a negative response for your first submission but as you grow and improve, some editors will be more than willing to give further feedback that will carve you into a better writer that you dream to be.

To Build Your Email List

If you’re planning to publish a book, you will need a platform which can leverage you into the next stage. A writer’s job does not end on the last word of the book itself. He still needs to sell the book since the publisher won’t help that much to market it.

So how do you accomplish this? Well, this is where writing for free comes in. You can write a weekly or a monthly newsletter to entice people to keep coming back to your website, blog, or the landing page for your book’s sales pitch. It will also gain more subscribers if you do this on a regular basis.

When You’re Preparing to Launch a Course

If you’re already writing for the middle and top tier clients, it automatically puts you in the position that’s above the average writers out there. This is a good opportunity for you to become an authority who can share wisdom and valuable thoughts to those who are just starting out. And it’s a good residual income opportunity for you.

You can start by offering small portions of what you’re going to teach for free. The people who are following you would want to make sure that they’re money will not go to waste. If you are already a bestselling author, you won’t have any problems with credibility.

However, if you’re not yet on that level, you will need to work hard to prove to them that you’re actually worth the money they’ll be paying for your courses. And when your readers start seeing some improvements after following your words of advice, they will all the more patronize your course and make sure that they’ll get all the upcoming ones.

Final Thoughts

Writing for free isn’t bad at all if it presents some benefits both for the present and your future as a professional freelance writer. Invest time on scouting for opportunities where you can write to gain exposure or positive review. Being generous at first isn’t bad. You just need to be consistent and patient at first. Before you know it, you’re already making your way towards a lucrative freelance life.