Social Media Marketing Guide for Authors

After writing your book, you’ll need to start selling it. You might have heard that the best place to start is on social media but the problem is you lack knowledge in marketing your book on Facebook or Instagram. How will you find the right audience and effectively sell your book in these social media platforms? What will your sales pitch be once you reach these audiences? Is it possible to market your book without spending money or even if you lack time?

You’re asking these questions and we’re here to clear things up by giving some answers. In this guide, we’re going to discuss the process of marketing your book and how to make your brand known to the right people on social media.

Why Use Social Media?

Any writer these days needs to maintain a solid presence on social media. Even the 16th-century playwright William Shakespeare has ensured that he’s present on Twitter. If this writer who’s been dead for more than 400 years knows how important social media is, you need to be asking yourself why you shouldn’t use it.

Social media offers plenty of opportunity in marketing your newly published book and below are some of the ways it’s able to accomplish this.

  • Brand Awareness is Increased Through Social Media – By creating an account for your book (such as a Facebook fan page or group) and making sure that you update it with sensible posts on a regular basis, you are actually getting in front of people who would have never found you without social media. It would be easier to build a community of people who can become avid readers of your craft. Be sure to use other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter to harness the full power of social media.
  • Humanizing Your Brand Is Easily Achieved Through Social Media – Social Media makes readers know that you’re a real actual human just like they are. Instead of thinking of you as a faceless entity with limited information that is only available from your book’s blurb, social media allows you to have a personality and you can share your view of current events. You can live in the real world and leave an impact to your community. This can help boost the sales for your book.
  • Engaging With Your Audience is a Breeze With Social Media – Interacting with your readers through social media is another way of attracting even more people to your book or brand. It allows you to respond to comments, ask questions, and even have some meaningful interaction with your loyal followers. I often reach out to some of my favorite authors on Twitter and Instagram and I feel happy whenever I see them liking a comment or reply that I posted. Seeing them react to my posts makes me even more motivated to read their stories and makes me like them more as a person.
  • Social Media Can Be Used In Managing Your Reputation – Even if you’re not personally on social media, your name may be in there already. It is possible that your already published book already has some people talking about it on social media. If that is so then you need to be part of that conversation. Joining the most popular social media sites is free so there is no reason at all why you won’t sign-up and start getting in touch with your community.
  • Social Media Opens a New Stream of Income For You – Yes! It is possible to earn from your social media page. Engaging with your community can actually make money flow towards you. For instance, you can produce some videos about the book that you published and enable advertisements on it. This is an easy way to earn from your book.

The reasons we’ve given above are important for authors of self-published books since the reputation management services and marketing from a big name publisher isn’t present in this situation. You’re basically doing everything on your own. Be sure to get yourself some exposure and social media is the perfect place to start this.

Which Social Media Platform Is Best For You

Now that you are ready to start, it’s important to identify which social media platform to use in your effort to market your book.

It’s important to choose the one that you enjoy using the most. If you don’t like Facebook that much then don’t use it to promote your book. Why? Because you’ll always find excuses not to use that social media platform. I don’t use Twitter and Instagram that often so I settle with Facebook for now. I use this social media platform for my marketing efforts because I am comfortable in using it. I fully understand how it works.

So which social media network do you prefer to use? Which platform is your favorite? You should use that to promote your book. You also need to remember that you can use more than one social media in your marketing efforts. You can be active in multiple social media platforms. Just don’t give yourself too much into social media as it can lead to burnout. If the platforms you’re using is already causing you to be overwhelmed, be sure to take a break, keep it simple and go back to your most favorite platform.

3 Useful Tips For Marketing Your Book

So let’s get into the details of using social media in promoting and marketing your book. Here are three tips that we’d like to share to help you with this process.

1. Identify Your Goals and Your Audience

Start by identifying which group of people you would like to reach. Are they readers, influencers (such as book bloggers and reviewers), other writers, publishers, or literary agents?

What are your goals once you’re able to reach your target audience? Is it increasing the sales for your book? Are you looking for more people to do reviews for your book? Would you want to increase connection with your existing readers so that you can inform them of your next book release? Do you want to establish a network with your fellow authors so they can recommend your book when they mention must-read books.

Setting a goal makes every minute that you spend on your social media worth it! Having a clear goal for every post is important. You must have a clear purpose every time you post and it should take you closer to your bigger long term goals!

2. Establish a Good Social Media Schedule

If you’re the same as many authors out there, your writing (though often on the side) is a serious hobby. Writing might even be a part-time job for you now. Whether you’re doing it as a pastime or you consider it your part-time job, you surely don’t have that much time for doing social media marketing.

That’s the reason why you should make every single interaction count. It’s important to have a goal for your social media efforts and in order to achieve such goals, you’ll need to have an effective and well laid-out schedule. Be sure to identify the things that you’ll be doing and set a schedule on how long you’ll need to spend on every activity. Below are examples of the things that you can do and the time you can spend in each social media activity:

  • Leave a meaningful comment for a new account that’s you followed – 10 minutes/day
  • Find new accounts to follow and schedule it every Monday – 30 minutes every Monday
  • Reply to the most recent comments- 10 minutes/day

Sticking to a doable schedule may feel a bit restricting but it is a very helpful step towards achieving your goals. Opening Facebook with a clear plan of action for the day will ensure that you’re making the most out of every minute that you spend on social media.

3. Schedule Your Posts

Posting regularly on social media doesn’t require you to be on your computer every single day. If you find out that social media is already taking much of your time, you can take advantage of post-scheduling apps like Buffer.

With this app, you can create plenty of posts in one sitting then have them scheduled for posting throughout the entire week or month. Having a set of scheduled posts will help you accomplish more in your marketing campaign since it eliminates redundancy. Your message will become a lot more cohesive since the next one is going to be built up by the previous posts. It is one way of using your time more efficiently.

Don’t Forget To Celebrate

Yes! You need to do this even for the smallest wins. Remember that your presence on social media isn’t just about selling your book, it’s about building a community of loyal readers and followers. Those who are willing to interact with you and your brand. It will surely take some time but don’t get discouraged. Be sure to celebrate every step that brings you closer to your ultimate goal!